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Resources for Families The following resources were provided by Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

Digital Learning Resources

This is an extension to the materials available at your child’s school. These digital resources are purchased by the AEA and require a username and password assigned to your child’s school.

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Resources aggregated by our AEA system to address student and adult need in this area.

Caregiving During COVID-19

This YouTube video (<20 minutes) provides parents/caregivers the facts of COVID-19, common reactions to stressful situations, how to respond, and know when to seek more help. The PPT is linked on our website for those interested. This was in conjunction with the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Positive Solutions for Families

This YouTube video (approximately 22 minutes) was developed by our Family Educator Coordinators to provide parents 8 practical tips on managing behavior in young children focusing on positive reinforcements and affirmations. PPT is also linked on our website.

Supporting Mental Health in Iowa Schools

Research has shown that students academically achieve better when they receive social-emotional and mental health support. Good mental health is more than the absence of mental illness but also includes the areas of social-emotional-behavioral well-being and the developing coping skills to better handle life’s challenges. Visit the site above to learn more.

The following resources are offered from COVID Recovery Iowa

COVID Recovery Iowa Flyer

Click the above link to access free information on counseling services related to COVID-19.

COVID Recovery Iowa

Anxiety.  Loneliness.  Anger.  Sense of loss.  All of these feelings are normal. And the pandemic doesn’t affect everyone the same way. You may feel fine and confident one day and overwhelmed the next. Your family members may feel things differently – and at different times – than you. That’s why COVID Recovery Iowa offers a listening ear. Counseling sessions with virtual counselors are available by video, chat or phone 24/7. 

Click here to learn more and to fill out the confidential form, or call 1-844-775-9276

Virtual Resources The following resources are offered as a way to get support while staying socially distanced during COVID-19

MCSA Drop-In Center

The Drop-In Center is still available to utilize virtually. Please reach out with any questions or to speak with a Peer Support Specialist, and please know you are not alone!

For 1:1 Mental Health Support, questions, or to learn about virtual groups, please call:

(563) 554-3781

Life Connections: Virtual Recovery Center

Life Connections understands that with the increase of Covid-19 there is a increase of individuals who are needing support. With this, we are going to now go remotely by virtual and phone capabilities. We want to offer a way for you to stay physically distant but socially engaged. We offer support groups, one on one support, and just that socialization that we all need. 

Please click here for more information and to access the virtual meetings.